Penwortham Town Councils Allotments (behind Tinkerbells Nursery Leyland Road in Lower Penwortham) is an award winning site of 70 + plots managed by its members.

Although rewarding an allotment is a serious commitment. It will require many hours to get your plot where you want it to be and many many more to keep it that way. 

We expect our plotters to keep standards high. 


There are approximately 15 potential allotmenteers waiting for a plot (March 2020). This will mean you will wait at least one year or more before you can join.

Residents of Penwortham have priority. If you are out side of the Penwortham Town Council area you can expect to be waiting indefinitely.

e-mail or fill out the form on our contact page.

If you do not reply to our offer of a plot ASAP it could be offered to the next in line.

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